Conference participants:
“Solutions like INVADE are necessary”

By Sanket Puranik and Mari K. Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway 25. November 2019

The Horizon 2020 INVADE project is coming to an end this year. Last week, a conference and a workshop were organized on behalf of the project and parallel to event Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

“The conference showcased achievements of the project from the perspective of society, technology, business models and regulations. Results from using an AI based flexibility management system at five pilot sites across Europe were shown to a broader audience, explains Sanket Puranik, senior researcher at Smart Innovation Norway.

The INVADE pilots were focused on using flexibility from different storage technologies (stationary and mobile EV batteries) and at different levels (distributed and centralized).

Following the conference, a workshop was held with key external stakeholders who represented experts from the energy domain in Europe.

“The workshop focused on platform-based business models and how it can disrupt the traditional energy sector. Participants were challenged to think outside the traditional approach of considering energy just as kW or kWh,” says Puranik.

New business cases, both from within and outside the energy sector, were discussed and learnings from the INVADE project were shared with participants.

Ciprian Comsulea.

“INVADE has shown that various flexibility sources can be managed in an intelligent way to support the grid and increase renewable energy absorption. We would like to see such solutions in Romania as well,” comments one of the participants, Ciprian Tudor Comsulea. He is owner of Loisir Consulting and President of CREESC (The Centre for Resources in Energy Efficiency and Climate Change in Romania).

“A suitable project would be a major urban development, a new 250-hectare neighborhood from scratch adjacent to the city of Cluj-Napoca, where the INVADE solution would fit very well. While developing new buildings, neighborhoods or cities, a solution like INVADE should be considered from the design phase itself,” he continues.

Another participant who found the conference and workshop rewarding, was David Talbot, European Research Coordinator at Transport for London.

David Talbot.

“To electrify the transport sector in a sustainable as well as an economical way, solutions like INVADE are necessary. In a city like London, if the transport sector is to be completely electrified, we must be innovative. Otherwise, a traditional approach would be very expensive,” says Talbot. He adds:

“The INVADE platform demonstrates that storage and EVs can be smartly managed to reduce impact on the grid. Of course, there are still other challenges, like social behavior and lack of regulations, but projects like INVADE are important to influence regulators and end users.”

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INVADE updates

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It is possible to control the speed of charging electric cars on a large scale with algorithms. This can be concluded from the results of a Smart Charging test on 700 public charging stations as part of the Horizon 2020 INVADE project. (4 years ago)

MSc student won the INVADE contest at EUW19:
“I found the INVADE pilots incredibly interesting”

During the European Utility Week in Paris in November 2019, the INVADE project presented itself in a unique way in the EU Projects Zone. Using videos and an informative quiz, the INVADE stand was always busy. (4 years ago)

Conference participants:
“Solutions like INVADE are necessary”

The Horizon 2020 INVADE project is coming to an end this year. Last week, a conference and a workshop were organized on behalf of the project and parallel to event Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. (4 years ago)

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The INVADE project has resulted in five successful pilot stories and professional films have been made from each pilot site. You can watch them all here. (4 years ago)

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The work package WP9: Business models and market structures, led by INVADE project partner Lyse has put forward a market structure for platform-based business models inspired by disruptive companies like Amazon and Airbnb. (4 years ago)

The pilots have begun testing the INVADE integrated platform: “An excellent example of how we can bring flexibility and storage technology to the end-users”

In the end of May, the INVADE consortium was gathered in the Netherlands. During the two-day meeting, all five pilot owners presented their progress to the project partners. (5 years ago)

Presenting the partners: badenova

Badenova sells and operates networks, energy storages and smart city infrastructures in a region of nearly 1 million inhabitants and adapts INVADE technology and solutions on site for its customers. (5 years ago)

Norwegian Parliament wants to learn from INVADE:
“We will act on everything we have heard today”

When Norway’s Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment visited Smart Innovation Norway headquarters in Halden on Monday, they were introduced to the company’s unique EU research expertise. (5 years ago)

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Energy businesses that manage to incorporate total social impact into their activities, products, services, and communication to customers and employees, will have the best premises for future business growth – and for contributing to a better world. (5 years ago)

INVADE pilots ready to go live:
What is the added value?

In a few weeks the INVADE integrated platform will be up and running and the pilot owners are both hopeful and excited about what the results will show. (5 years ago)