INVADE Horizon 2020

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Integrated electric vehicles and batteries to empower distributed and centralised storage in distribution grids.

Renewable energies and electric vehicles (EVs) change the way we consume and produce electricity. It also changes the way those who manage and distribute it must think about the electricity system – to always provide the best possible service for the connected costumers. But these things are difficult, and often take a long time.

The goal of the European-funded H2020 project INVADE is to greatly speed up this process, by showing that the technologies and solutions we have today, only must be connected in new ways to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

The project started in 2017

and lasts for 3 years

With 12 partners

Expertise in IT, smart energy and technology.
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A budget of 16 million €

INVADE is one of the largest European research and innovation projects ever in the field of SmartGrid & Storage

The five pilot sites are located in:

Norway Germany Spain The Netherlands Bulgaria

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