Battery management systems in the cloud?

Edited by Pol Olivella-Rosell 15. February 2018

The concept of battery management will enhance or even transform, as modeling and control of thousands of cells in large-scale battery storage will become easier due to technology advancement.

Recently, the Power and Energy Magazine IEEE published the following paper:

Hu, C. Zou, C. Zhang and Y. Li, “Technological Developments in Batteries: A Survey of Principal Roles, Types, and Management Needs,” in IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, vol. 15, no. 5, pp. 20-31, Sept.-Oct. 2017. doi: 10.1109/MPE.2017.2708812.

The authors stated the following text about BMSs and computing clouds, which is a relevant topic for the INVADE project:

Battery Management

The continuing proliferation of and advances in information and communication technologies, development of powerful cloud computing capabilities, and a growing Internet of Things will significantly enhance or even transform the concept of battery management, as modeling and control of thousands of cells in large-scale battery storage will become easier.

In this sense, complicated but high-fidelity electrochemical battery models, which can be cumbersome in onboard BMSs, can be harnessed in the cloud, where relevant estimation/control algorithms based on distributed-parameter systems (e.g., three-dimensional thermal analysis) can be efficiently computed.

Then, the generated commands can be transmitted to each local battery storage station via rapid, bidirectional communication. In such a cloud-based BMS, the accuracy, resilience, reliability, and safety of battery monitoring and management can be determined simultaneously. Cybersecurity, however, should be thoroughly considered in any BMS scenario.

Pol Olivella-Rosell. CITCEA-UPC

INVADE position

What should be the position of INVADE partners regarding this topic? At least, what is their opinion?

Can we improve battery performance by improving BMSs through the INVADE Cloud?


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