Ambitions and visions for INVADE

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway 24. August 2017

Work package leaders reveal that they have great expectations for the 16 million Euro Horizon 2020 project.

The goal of the large-scale EU project, INVADE, is to deliver a cloud-based flexibility management system integrated with electric vehicles and batteries. This will empower energy storage at mobile, distributed and centralised levels and increase the share of renewables in the smart grid.

But what does that mean, exactly?

“We are committed to develop a platform to manage batteries, electric vehicles, photovoltaic panels, and whatever consumption that can be remotely controlled”, says Pol Olivella-Rosell, the Dissemination and Communication work package leader.

Pol Olivella-Rosell. CITCEA-UPC

Great expectations

He expects the project to change the world of energy as we know it.

“The energy transition is providing all these energy assets to convert our houses into small power plants – even with store capability. That means a new potential source of revenues, explains Olivella-Rosell. At the same time, he sees certain obstacles along the way.

“There is a huge potential to extract the maximum value of such assets at every moment. However, this is challenging because it requires to take decisions continuously and people are not willing to send control commands through their smartphones over and over”, he elaborates.

The end-user in focus

In order to facilitate end-users’ life, INVADE will manage all energy assets remotely according to their preferences.

“For example, people interested in extracting the maximum monetary value can introduce such preferences in the platform. In contrast, people more interested in energy comfort, or being as environment-friendly as possible, will be capable to select their aim”, says the WP leader.

He also points to the fact that INVADE takes a holistic approach, considering all related actors in the power system value chain.

“The goal is to extract the maximum value of all energy assets without causing problems to the system. Additionally, more and more renewable generators will be installed without building up new lines disturbing our landscape”, Olivella-Rosell emphasizes.


Different benefits

Dieter Hirdes, the Management work package leader, envisions a certain impact of the project on different areas of society.

Firstly, he expects the field of socio-economics to be affected by INVADE, especially since the project is a result of political, environmental and market pressure.

“It addresses many stakeholders, e.g. electric vehicles and household owners, utilities, distribution system operators, energy markets, and society as a whole, each seeking to gain different benefits. At the same time, it strengthens the foundation of industry sectors such as ICT. INVADE will in effect open up additional employment opportunities”, says the WP leader.

Environmental impact

When it comes to the environment, Hirdes has high hopes for INVADE, as the goal is to cater more environmentally friendly energy.

“We will help regulate the system to reduce energy losses, improve the energy balance and help reduce the vulnerability of the energy system to undesired impacts”, he explains.

Finally, Hirdes mentions replicability as a key factor throughout the project:

“INVADE is designed to provide a generic platform that could be demonstrated on different energy storage technologies”.


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