INVADE local event in Barcelona

November 16, 2018 (08:00-14:00)
Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (View on Google Maps)
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The installation and appropriate operation of stationary and mobile batteries are promoting flexibility at prosumer side. The conference will explain the technological developments that are enabling the exploitation of flexibility through the connection of batteries and electric vehicles.

On behalf of CITCEA-UPC, Endesa Red Chair, EPE, INVADE H2020 and Innoenergy MSc. SENSE and MSc. Smart Cities we are pleased to invite you to the XI International Conference on Energy Innovation “Integration of batteries and electric vehicles: towards a more flexible power system”. Real projects will be shown and the topics will be addressed through the vision of the industry and academic experts.




09.00 Welcome | Neus Cónsul (Director of ETSEIB, UPC)
Opening | Andreas Sumper (Director of Endesa Chair, CITCEA-UPC)
Moderator | Mònica Aragüés (CITCEA-UPC)

09:30 Fast charging to facilitate transition to EV in Catalonia. Will it be enough? | Assumpta Farran (ICAEN)

09:55 Vehicle to Energy Ring – The experience of steering an islanded energy ring in Expoelectric fair, integrating renewable energy and electric vehicles |
Daniel Heredero (CITCEA-UPC)

10:20 Employee solar charging stations: a comprehensive energy transition project | Gil Lladó (AMB)

10:45 Exploiting flexibility services with Vehicle Grid Integration | Narcis Vidal (Enel X)


11:40 Intelligent Distribution Power Router | Francesc Girbau (CITCEA-UPC, TeknoCEA, Estabanell Energia)

12:00 Hybrid energy storage systems for renewable integration in rural grids |Francisco Díaz (CITCEA-UPC)

12:20 Large scale battery systems in distribution grids | Matthias Resch (SINTEF)

12:40 How to provide flexibility to prosumers, BRPs and DSOs from storage and EV? | Pol Olivella (CITCEA-UPC)

13:00 Open discussion | Xavier Farriols (CEEC)

13:30 Closure | Xavier Farriols (CEEC)

14:00 END