Smart Innovation Norway

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Smart Innovation Norway (SIN) performs independent, applied research within the fields of smart energy systems, smart cities and communities and Applied Artificial Intelligence.

SIN develops smart and sustainable solutions through research-based innovation and business development. Emphasis is on techno-economic models and analysis, business intelligence, prosumers and user flexibility. It holds key competences in relevant and applied R&D, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and process development to cater for new businesses based on research results generated.

Its history is rooted in a long tradition of cutting-edge energy-related developments, stemming from the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Halden in the 1980s, including the world’s first ICT system for competitive energy trading in a deregulated electricity market (1991), and the world’s first ICT system for emissions trading (2005).

SIN and the associated cluster have long traditions of creating energy related spin-outs around new products and technologies. These include software and engineering companies like Scandpower, Hand-El Scandinavia, CognIT, MoreCom, Communicate, Navita/Brady, Miriam, eSmart Systems, Tiny Mesh, and more. Together with SINTEF and Narvik University College, SIN was a founding partner of the Norwegian Smart Grid Centre.

Tasks in the project
SIN has long experience from administrative and technical project management activities and will be responsible for the execution of WP1. SIN also has strong experience from electricity market design and functional specification for all kinds of electricity trading systems and exploitation prospects for NCE Smart Energy Cluster members. SIN being a non-profit research organization focusing at research based innovation and exploitation of results from such projects and using cluster potential will be leading Exploitation WP triggering activities of Exploitation Users Group, engagement with municipalities and local authorities etc.

WP1 and WP3 and several tasks within WP2 Task 2.2 Digital media and Task 2.4 Participation in EC events and project clusters and WP9 Task 9.1 Review of state of the art.

Core competences
SIN will contribute with its expertise and experience within sustainable energy, prosumer-based smart energy markets, and development of ICT systems for the Nordic energy sector. In particular, SIN will be responsible for the project coordination, as well as analysis and design of business models and energy market structures, and will be utilising its cluster management experience and network for underpinning activities which reinforce the exploitation potential of INVADE.