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From its creation in 1836 as a producer of iron and steel, Schneider Electric has evolved to become a global leader in energy management.

Along the way, Schneider has contributed to the transformation of industries with an innovative, international and responsible mind-set. With operations in over 100 countries and more than 150.000 employees, Schneider’s mission is to help people make the most of their energy.

2000-2009 was a period of organic growth for Schneider, positioning itself in new market segments like UPS (uninterruptible power supply), movement control, building automation and security through acquisitions of APC, Clipsal, TAC, Pelco, Xantrex, becoming the global specialist in energy management. In 2010: Schneider Electric strengthens its lead in the development of the Smart Grid, with the acquisition of the distribution activities of Areva T&D.

In 2010 Schneider strengthened its lead in the development of the Smart Grid, with the acquisition of the distribution activities of Areva T&D and in 2011 Schneider reached the landmark of €20 billion sales and continued its external growth with the acquisitions of Summit Energy (USA), Luminous (India), as well as Leader Harvest Power Technologies (China) and Telvent (Spain).

Today, Schneider is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment for electrical power distribution, industrial control and automation. Because of its strengths in industrial and building automation, Schneider’s smart grid strategy is to connect those automated systems to the grid to improve efficiency and to allow its customers to participate in demand response programs. Based in France with operations in more than 100 countries, it had 2010 sales of $26 billion.

Tasks in the project
The key focus is given to WP 7 Communication Platform and WP10 Pilots, however contributing in other WPs tasks with experience in flexibility management systems, standardisation and communication protocols.

Responsible for WP 7 Communication platform
Responsible for WP10 Pilots – serving to the successful pilot implementation.

Core competences
Schneider has the foresight, the offers, and the willpower necessary to be a major player within this energy revolution, as we enter a new era of intelligent energy management:

  • With renewable energy, consumers can produce their own energy and access a ‘greener’ energy mix
  • Flexible distribution enables a more responsive and stable electrical network
  • Active energy efficiency and energy management make energy visible and allow individuals to act on their consumption
  • Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the perception of mobility and, at the same time, access to energy, its use, and storage
  • Real-time grid management enables anticipation of consumption and adaptation of the offer.

Relevant products & services
Schneider’s open-ended solutions make the grid more efficient, more flexible and more secure by:

  • Improving service continuity while absorbing increasing demand and peak loads
  • Connecting and managing more green and volatile energy by up to 30%
  • Delivering better quality power while drastically reducing network losses
  • Operating the grid safely and securely
  • Delivering greater visibility and decision-making tools at enterprise level allowing to improve CAPEX and OPEX

Within the SmartGrid business area, Schneider offers the following products and services:

  • Feeder Automation
    • All Feeder Automation
    • SCADA System
    • Remote Terminal Units
    • Advanced Distribution Management System
  • Network Management Software
    • All Network Management Software
    • Advanced Distribution Management System
    • Geographic Information System – ArcFM Solution
    • Graphic Work Design System
    • Outage Management System
    • SCADA System
    • Metering & Operational Data System
    • Telecommunications Network Management
    • Field Mobility
    • Engineering Analysis Tools
  • Power & Energy Monitoring System
    • All Power & Energy Monitoring System
    • Smart Metering
  • Software
    • All Software
    • Operating & Monitoring
  • Substation Automation Systems
    • All Substation Automation Systems
    • Remote Terminal Units
    • SCADA & EMS Gateways
    • Advanced Distribution Management System
  • Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems
    • All Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems
    • SmartGrid Gotland