GreenFlux Assets BV

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GreenFlux is building and exploiting an intelligent charging infrastructure for electric vehicles throughout the Netherlands.

GreenFlux Assets BV (GreenFlux – is an SME based in the Netherlands. Our goal is to enable electric driving as much as possible by developing a reliable and complete charging network along the Dutch highways, at industrial and office areas, at campuses and at people homes.

With the GreenFlux charging card one can effortlessly charge one’s car at our charging locations and all other >30,000 charging stations in the Netherlands. We also deliver and install charging stations for businesses or at home. The GreenFlux Smart Charging technology allows for fast charging both at home and at work.

We offer special packaged deals, including a GreenFlux charge card and a charge stations and cable, for every type of electric car. GreenFlux offers all the necessary services to make electric driving throughout the Netherlands as convenient and pleasant as possible.

Tasks in the project
Domain 1 and 2 of the Dutch pilot (see pilot description).

GreenFlux’s core activities are in WP 8 (Integrated INVADE Platform) and WP 10.4 (Pilot in The Netherlands).
Furthermore, GreenFlux will contribute to WP 1 (Management), WP 2 (Dissemination and Communication), WP 9 (Exploitation), WP 4 (Overall INVADE architecture), WP 5 (Flexibility Management System), WP 7 (Communication Platform) and WP 9 (Business models and energy market structures).

Core competences

As an E-mobility Service Provider:

  • Ensure interoperability
  • Entire billing process
  • Interact with EV-drivers on smart charging information and preferences

As a Charge Point Operator

  • Install and maintain charge points
  • Large installations with many charge points at parking lots
  • Apply smart charging techniques:
    • To prevent overloading the local grid, when many charge points are installed at the same grid connection
    • To charge when energy is cheap
    • To charge when local production is available
    • Vehicle to Grid