Smart Innovation Norway goes to India to present INVADE to Indian energy companies
– with the Norwegian Prime Minister present

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway 21. December 2018

January 6th to 9th, Smart Innovation Norway will be a part of the India-Norway Business Summit 2019 in New Delhi, where the company is responsible for the seminar “Smarter Grids and storage in emerging energy ecosystem – Leveraging Norwegian expertise”, alongside Innovation Norway and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. So far, 170 participants have signed up forthe seminar.

Ecosystem of the future: INVADE will change the way energy is used, stored and generated. SHUTTERSTOCK

“The Norwegian Prime Minister, Mrs. Erna Solberg, visits India in an official state visit from the 6th through the 8th of January 2019, together with a Norwegian business and industry delegation from sectors like renewable energy, smart grids, shipping, seafood, and more,” explains Dieter Hirdes, Head of Research & Innovation at Smart Innovation Norway.

The goal of the state visit is to further develop Norwegian-Indian business cooperation.


Sharing INVADE experiences

Hirdes is one of the speakers at the Smart Grid seminar, one of the parallel seminars during the two-day business summit, which will be held on Monday the 7th of January at 1.30 pm. – 4.30 pm. So far, 170 participants have signed up for the seminar.

Smart Innovation Norway Senior Researcher, Sanket Puranik, will also attend at the event. Puranik will present his company’s two large EU Horizon 2020 projects, INVADE and E-LAND, as well as encouraging collaboration with Indian partners.


Visit with great opportunities

“Smart Innovation Norway wants to extend its research and innovation cooperation with Indian research organizations and energy companies in projects like E-LAND, where two major Indian energy companies from Delhi and Mumbai participate,” notes Hirdes. He adds:


“We also cooperate with Indian energy companies in capacity building in the fields of SmartGrids, Smart Energy Systems and Digitalization, and the visit of the Norwegian Prime Minister, Mrs. Erna Solberg, is an excellent opportunity to meet new contacts from Indian industry and academia.”


Positive collaboration

Smart Innovation Norway’s cooperation with Indian companies and research institutes started by signing a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with POWERGRID, India’s largest electricity grid operator, in 2016.

“With great help of Innovation Norway in Delhi, our cooperation with India has developed in a very positive way, and we are convinced that India and Norway will profit from a close cooperation in the area of future smart and sustainable energy systems,” says Hirdes.


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@INVADEH2020 : As part of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), the Sustainable energy days in Albena last week was an informative event/workshop about the innovations and optimizations in the energy field the company is introducing ( One of the projects presented was the EU Horizon2020 project INVADE ( Two INVADE partners were represented, Albena Resort, Bulgaria and Smart Innovation Norway. Researcher Bryan Pellerin presented INVADE to the local stakeholders and got to exchange with Albena’s partners (both hotel managers, guests and more technical people) about what the project is addressing. "This is a part of our work package 3 focused on exploitation. We also toured their facilities (farm, wine yards, biogas plant), which was very interactive and puts INVADE in context of their other sustainability activities," explains Pellerin. ( - 3 weeks ago)

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@INVADEH2020 : This week is the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), the annual flagship event organised by the European Commission. Achieving Sustainable Energy is within the INVADE goals. HOLD THE DATE for "INVADE Barcelona 2019" on the 20th of November, as a side event of Smart City Expo World Congress, to see what we have done in the project. ( - 3 weeks ago)

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In the end of May, the INVADE consortium was gathered in the Netherlands. During the two-day meeting, all five pilot owners presented their progress to the project partners. (1 month ago)

@INVADEH2020 : In the end of May, the INVADE consortium was gathered in the Netherlands. During the two-day meeting, all five pilo… ( - 1 month ago)

@INVADEH2020 : In the end of May, the INVADE consortium was gathered in the Netherlands. During the two-day meeting, all five pilot owners presented their progress to the project partners. Read more and see photos: ( - 1 month ago)

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