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Watch video from INVADE workshop in Oslo

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway 13. March 2018

Last week's INVADE Exploitation Workshop offered an ample opportunity to influence the outcome of the EU project and catered for future pick-ups of concepts, software, hardware, new services, analyses and more.

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Battery management systems in the cloud?

Edited by Pol Olivella-Rosell 15. February 2018

The concept of battery management will enhance or even transform, as modeling and control of thousands of cells in large-scale battery storage will become easier due to technology advancement.

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The Impact of Wind and Solar on Wholesale Power Markets and Generation Assets in the US

By Ryan Wiser, Andrew Mills, Todd Levin, Audun Botterud (edited by Pol Olivella-Rosell) 8. February 2018

The impacts of wind and solar on wholesale power markets in the United States have been limited so far. However, the impact will change as the penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE) increases.

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Invitation to INVADE workshop in Oslo 1. February 2018

The workshop will address business cases and market opportunities related to the use of electric vehicles, batteries and smart charging to empower distributed and central storage in distribution grids. We cordially invite you to join…

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Guidelines for collection of power data: Limitations and possibilities

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway 30. January 2018

Today, methods for collecting national power data is an important topic. It is done differently in different countries. What is the best solution – and how is this relevant to INVADE?

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@rgallartf : RT @rgallartf: Today @WattiusBattery has completed the first 212 kWh battery integration on field of Catalan DSO involve in @INVADEH2020 to… ( - 1 week ago)

@polivros : RT @polivros: Great work guys! I am very proud of working with you in this increadible project @INVADEH2020. We are gonna make an impact! 😊… ( - 4 weeks ago)

@INVADEH2020 : In January, Smart Innovation Norway will be a part of the India-Norway Business Summit 2019 in New Dehli, where the… ( - 4 weeks ago)

@INVADEH2020 : In January, Smart Innovation Norway will be a part of the India-Norway Business Summit 2019 in New Dehli, where the company is responsible for the seminar “Smarter Grids and storage in emerging energy ecosystem – Leveraging Norwegian expertise”. Read more: ( - 4 weeks ago)

@rgallartf : RT @rgallartf: Avui des de la @CITCEA_UPC, presentem als estudiants del Màster de Smart Grids els projectes @RESOLVD_EU i @INVADEH2020 http… ( - 1 month ago)

@Guru_Chela : RT @Guru_Chela: @berntbremdal some new market offerings for EV charging! @INVADEH2020 ( - 1 month ago)

@asumper : RT @asumper: Great opening of the XI conference on energy at the @ETSEIB_UPC on the integration of batteries and electric vehicles. Good st… ( - 2 months ago)

@polivros : RT @polivros: If this week you are in Barcelona, I would like to invite you to the #JIIEE2018 on Friday in @ETSEIB_UPC organized by @CITCEA… ( - 2 months ago)